Such a wonderful day: God is good

I’ve never considered myself a religious person. I can honestly say I haven’t been to a full church session in years. However, I’ve always had a relationship with God. Although there is much room for improvement and more strength, I know my relationship with God has been something great. Lately, I’ve watched the people around me grow strong, loving relationships with God and I literally just watch how much of a better, more amazing person they’ve become. I watch how much their lives improve and how every day is a happy day. These things have made me want a stronger relationship with God, but I’ve always been hesitant to take the next step to form it.

Today, I had my first training for Cambodia with 5 amazing girls. We talked about so much today that has opened my eyes and heart to how absolutely amazing God is. I know my journey to the Minefields of Cambodia to help these people is my opportunity to give what The Lord has given me. I shared today that I was worried I would be missing out on amazing things given the fact that my relationship with God is much less stronger and powerful than the girls I was meeting with today. However, with the help of my missions leader and great friend, Jill, I came to realize Cambodia is my way of working God into me and my life. I know that life will be more free and lovely when I put it in the hands of the Lord.

After leaving the training session, a feeling came to me of pure excitement. Excitement for the trip, for my friends, and for what God has coming for my future. I looked around and saw such beautiful things in this world. I usually would just take a picture of these things and put it on facebook and instagram (which I still did ;)), but I also for the first time thought, ‘Wow, God has created such a beautiful world for me to live in.’ I felt like God gave me these amazing views of the world to show me that he is there and he loves me so much.




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